About us?

Schumpy Alimentación del Sur is a Venezuelan company, with international character, subsidiary of the main food company of the group called Schumpy Food and Beverages, and is characterized by seeking to humanize / sensitize food without detracting from the quality of the food and beverages it sells. In Schumpy Alimentación del Sur we are focused on learning, innovation, sustainable development and assertiveness with the consumer, where shareholders and workers, make synergy and even align with the environment in order to achieve the proposed objectives.


Beside our highly qualified human capital, constantly working on improvements programs related with our business line, products, services and the environment, thus contributing to the global village and the planet.


This time we are pleased to introduce our food products brand, which consist about: food and beverages flavored and Venezuelan identity as it is 0058 food & beverage, also a delicious chocolate brand as it is black president which has different, practical, nutritious and succulent presentations; and at ending the brand mommy to go, offering a wide range of pre-packaged foods for practical and healthy enjoyment of children and adult.


The Schumpy Alimentación del Sur mission, is providing food and beverages constantly and sensitive, mainly to the villages of the southern hemisphere of our planet, working aligned to our corporate approach and synergy with our business partners, suppliers, customers, society and the environment in order to achieve the goals set by the corporation.


The Schumpy Alimentación del Sur vision, is to become the main trading partner of food and beverages of the people of our southern hemisphere of our planet Earth; having as main premises social sensitivity, entrepreneurial passion and respect for the environment.


Schumpy Alimentación del Sur, is a dynamic and visionary company, with high social and environmental sensitivity, which promotes sustainable development of the regions where it operates, boosting, besides others, human, technological and financial resources, in order to positively influence the life quality of incidence areas. 


1. 99% perspiration 1% inspiration = working harder… Even more than our neighbour.

2. Global thinking = borderless

3. Planific_action = to plan + to act.

4. Method schumpy = home made method.

5. Ecoschumpy = respect and work for the environment.

6. Optimism in every action taken.

7. Constant effort to achieve the objectives.

8. Nutrischumpy = encourage the healthy living.  

9. Social sensitivity.