The #ecoschumpytips is intended as an ecological movement proposed by the company "Schumpy Alimentación del Sur" that would reaffirm one of the values of the same. Using a campaign of awareness and respect for the environment, which can be promoted through social networks, and packaging of products that "Schumpy Alimentación del Sur" offers.


Recycling glass

It takes a million years to decompose, and is responsible for 20% of air pollution and 50% of water.

Take advantage of the water

Are you going to shower and the hot water takes a long time to come out? Do not let so many liters of water go to waste, to be more ecological you can place a container in the shower until the hot water comes out and use that water to scrub, for example.

Harnessing the role when writing

Print both sides of each sheet, recycle or buy recycled paper or using electronic paper (an office worker wastes 75 kg of paper per year).