mommy to go

traditional / morning kids

It is a ready to eat balanced food, which surely any child will like .

lunch kids

Delicious food ideal for lunch time suitable for a growing child, 100% healthy and nutritious.

dinner kids

This is a home balanced cooked meal, to provide all necessary nutrients for growing children and prevent poor nutrition.

travel kids

It is a food made that perfect fit some way out to the beach, mountains, or the camp, which solves the practicality of your travels.

mid morning kids

This product is a perfect food for morning snacks before or after any activity.

afternoon kids

It is the perfect complement for the whim afternoons, healthy and innovative lunch boxes that will feed and quit the anxieties of the moment.

happy kids

Delicious healthy food, preferably for parties, sharing, sleepovers that keep joy in the moment.

fit kids

It is a food to maintain a healthy diet ideal to help the growth of the constant physical activity children.