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0058 f&b

It is an international brand that offers a wide range of typical food and beverages from the American continent south region with venezuelan specialties, where the mix of indigenous, european and african cuisine, give to the food a result that delight the palate and nourish's consumers offering a special and unique quality in its style.

Black president

This brand manufactures its products only with the best cocoa in the world. Black president, is defined as a brand of specialties and varieties "chocolateras" offered in different flavors and presentations to delight the palate  with this exquisite taste, scents and also stimulate more pleasurable sensations.

mommy to go

Mommy to go is a food and beverage prepackaged brand that presents a unique solution in its style. Lunch boxes mommy to go beside having a variety of flavors and presentations, nutritious and fun, are the right hand of mommy at home, as their product offering, called pre-finished for the kitchen, in some cases only heating it finishes its cooking process for direct consumption, and others simply open the lunch box and are eating mom's recipe.